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While you could sit and read all the information that is in this website to try and figure out if DLS Financials is the right fit for you, actually using the software is much faster. You can have a FREE trial of DLS Financials installed on your computer or network to use at your own leisure and try all the different versions, settings, and features for yourself. If you request it, you can have someone actually install it, do a demo, and leave it on your system to continue on as a trial. All functions and features are available to try except for accounting interfaces, documents, and there is a limit of only 5 location records but unlimited accounts and transactions.

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DLS Online is the online portal for your locations to access and view their accounts. Please use the user ID DSA and with password DSA as well. Data in the online demo could be older and so use date ranges over several months or years to see transactions or print statements.
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