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Easy To Use

DLS Financials menus follow the flow of the workload for working with savings and loan accounts. In the configuration settings you have the ability to create your own custom drop lists to complete fields with just a click of a button. There are features to prevent parishes from getting over extended with debt. Add documents, spreadsheets, emails, images, and PDFs into the data and link them to location, accounts, or transactions for easy viewing. Create automatic transactions for repeated events. Global functions allow for massive work to be done with the simple click of a button.

Well Organized Design

Designed by the input of over 65 dioceses across the USA and even the Bahamas over 22 years, DLS Financials has the unique ability to be molded to fit most every possible user need. With multipule configurations and default options as well as the ability to request additional management reports, functions & features at a moments notice makes it possible to claim that it WILL do what you need it to do and not have to work around someone else's designs. Create your own reports menu to contain only the reports you need rather than the hundred+  that are available to you.

Fresh Ideas Always

Every dioceses likes to manage their parish savings and loan accounts in different ways and in the way that they want. Because of that, new features, functions, and reports based upon the requests of our many users are always being added to the program. From adding new fields, reports, or features to make your daily workload lighter and faster for you. Once added, the new items are available to all the dioceses using the Adv Edition to get and use. 90% of DLS Financials started as an idea from one of the 65+ clients who asked the simple question, "Can you have DLS to do this?"

Excellent Features

While you may not need every feature within DLS Financials, you can be assured that the software will have the ones that you want and need today and in the future. Even if you find out later that you need something, it can be added to DLS for you quickly and when you need it for little to no charge if you have an annual support contract!

Savings Accounts

No matter if you use just simple interest savings or fixed term CDs, you can use either one in DLS Financials. With features like account classification, category, and restrictions you can easily filter reports to get just the information you need. Restrictions include requiring special approval before making withdraws as well as preventing account holders from getting into restricted funds.

Attached Documents

In the location, savings or loan account, and transaction records you can include documents, spreadsheets, images, and other files. These records are actually saved in with the data, so even if the original files get lost, you are always able to view, print, and recreate them from the data file. This allows the documents be always be backed up with the data.


Loan Accounts

There are four different types of loan accounts: Simple Interest, Amortized, Simple-Amortized©, or Fixed Principal. Each of these work in very different ways and can also be classified, categorized, or restricted so that you can filter to report just what you want. Credit limits, billings, schedules, and so much more are available.

Web Portal

DLS Online is available for the parishes to log in and view their savings, loan, and pooled investment accounts, print statements, and download data. Coming soon will be the ability to let parishes submit requests and loan applications through DLS Online and have these requests go though an approval process you set up before being created automatically in DLS once approved. Using RDP, the corporate employees and run DLS anywhere in the world via the internet as if they were at their desks.


Pooled Investments

Set up any number of investment funds in which parishes can invest in with the other parishes. There are two ways to manage these pooled funds with actual fund values or by adding and removing values based upon your own formulas. DLS Financials also disburses dividends earned or fees paid fairly to all parishes based upon the percentage of the fund they own with a simple click of a button.

Excellent Support

The Computer Department, Inc has 24/7 phone support. While you may work 9-5, it doesn't mean that you are in the same time zone. As more dioceses started using RDP so that their workers could work in DLS Financials safely at home during the pandemic, help could be needed at any time of the day including weekends and holidays. With a support agreement contact, you can get support whenever you are working; day or night.

Office Worker

With attached documents in DLS Financials, there is a lot less books with copies of documents to carry aound!

Office Workers

"This Deposit & Loan software can do it all!"

Designer Saying Designers need to know the users of their system and how they work in order to write an application that the user will actually enjoy working in!

Man Working
We talk users to get to know how they work and how we can make their job run faster and smoother. This way DLS Financials will alway have what you want and need!

Why Choose Us?

Experience : Features : Flexibility

We are not some new product with great promises in the future. With over 22 years of experience working with 65+ dioceses and all their special requests and needs, DLS Financials has what you need NOW! And if there is something else you need, it can be added into DLS Financials at your request and not someday in the future.

Loan Credit limits, Draw limits, and overall location credit limits to prevent accidental over extending a location's debt.

Create loan amortization schedules for annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, and even weekly payments.

Restrict deposit amounts to prevent restricted funds from being withdrawn but allow interest to be withdrawn.

Allow interest rates that can have up to three digits after the decimal (x.xxx%)

Special functions to help you globally change interest rates based upon conditions like average daily balance, move accounts from one location to another, merge parish accounts, consolidate several loans into one, and write off balances.

Email confirmation letters for transactions, interest disbursement, and statement available on DLS Online announcements.

Print audit letter for all or selected locations or accounts with a return receipt on the letter so that they can send back confirmation of their records to your auditors.

Provide internet access to as many parish users that you want. There is no charge for each logon, amount of data, or the number of entries you make.

24/7 support where you talk with a programmer of DLS Financials and not an operator who didn't have direct knowledge of how it is programmed. This includes ALL holidays! If you're working; we are working for you.

Did someone make a mistake and mess up your data? No problem as your support agreement covers all data issue no matter who caused them.

Need a one time special report or export of certain information? Just ask and it will be provided at little or no cost.

The latest DLS User Manual is online and available with the click of a button within the program.

Choose from any one of the following accounting systems to send your DLS data to or request a special one just for your accounting system.

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Accounting Interfaces

You get over a dozen different interfaces to accounting systems with the interface module in DLS Financials. Or request a new one for your main accounting system.

CYMA Payroll Software
Used With DLS Financials By

    o   Archdiocese of Kanasas City, KS
    o   Archdiocese of Nassua

MS Dynamics Navison
Used With DLS Financials By

    o  Archdiocese of Seattle
    o  Diocese of San Jose
    o  Diocese of Providence
    o  Diocese of Lafayette

Blackbaud Financial Edge Accounting
Used With DLS Financials By

    o  Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
    o  Archdiocese of Dubuque
    o  Diocese of Manchester
    o  Diocese of Nashville

Sage Intacct Accounting
Used With DLS Financials By

    o  Archdiocese of Detroit
    o  Archdiocese of Denver
    o  Diocese of Sious Falls
    o  Diocese of Ft Worth
    o  Diocese of Wichita
    o  Diocese of Pittsburg
    o  Diocese of Portland, ME

MS Dynamics Great Plains Accounting
Used With DLS Financials By

    o  Archdiocese of Baltimore
    o  Diocese of Birmingham
    o  Diocese of Allentown
    o  Diocese of Salina
    o  Diocese of Erie
    o  Diocese of Pensecola-Tallahassee
    o  Diocese of Paterson

Misc Systems

Currently Used With DLS Financials

    o  Lawsons Accounting
    o  USL Financials
    o  MIP Fund Accounting
    o  American Fundware
    o  Sage ERP MAS-90
    o  Sage Accpac Accounting
    o  AIS Accounting
    o  AccuFund Account

[All product logos are copyrighted by the corresponding companies]


Below are a set of screen shots showing the main screens used within DLS Financials. Click on the magnifying glass to enlarge the images on another tab.

Our Awesome Team

The following people not only work programming DLS Financials and DLS Online but others work to provide support services to not only the dioceses but other local and national clients.

Team Member Image
Team Member Hover Image

Robert A Rodgers

Director of Software Development

Robert is a graduate of the University of Illinois - Springfield (formerly Sangamon State University) in Dec, 1993 and started with the company in 1994.

Team Member Image
Team Member Hover Image

Tim Russell

Web Programmer and Designer

Tim started with the company in 2001 and is the primary developer of DLS Online web portal

Team Member Image
Team Member Hover Image

Aaron Russell

Networking, OS, Hardware Tech

Aaron started with the company in 2004 and provides phone support dealing with network, OS, or hardware issues with DLS Financials

Team Member Image
Team Member Hover Image

Ed & Rose Russell


Ed and Rose founded the company back in 1993 and handle phone support as well as office support and billing

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Click here to read our client reviews and ratings on Capterra and GetApp!

Our clients are the best. In over twenty years they have been the roots of our success and continue to provide first hand experience and guidence to other dioceses who call upon them for an honest assessment of our products and sevice. Below are many of those clients that you can contact to describe DLS Financials, the staff at The Computer Department, Inc, experience using DLS, and the support and service that we provide.

This is the collection of the shields from all the dioceses that have purchased and used DLS Financials; many for over twenty years.
If all these dioceses have trusted The Computer Department, Inc and DLS Financials over the past 22 years,
you can trust them as proven leaders in deposit, loan and pooled investment management software!

Archdiocese of New York Archdiocese of Baltimore Archdiocese of Denver Archdiocese of Detroit Archdiocese of Dubuque Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Archdiocese of Indianapolis Archdiocese of Louisville Archdiocese of Kansas City, KS Archdiocese of Miami Archdiocese of Nassau Archdiocese of Milwaukee Archdiocese of Newark Archdiocese of New Orleans Archdiocese of Omaha Archdiocese of Santa Fe Archdiocese of Seattle Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown Diocese of Allentown Diocese of Amarillo Diocese of Arlington Diocese of Austin Diocese of Beaumont Diocese of Birmingham Diocese of Boise Diocese of Corpus Christi Diocese of Erie Diocese of Fall River Diocese of Ft Worth Diocese of Grand Rapids Diocese of Helena Diocese of jefferson City Diocese of Joliet Diocese of Kalamazoo Diocese of Lafayette Diocese of Lansing Diocese of Larado Diocese of Las Cruses Diocese of Las Vegas Diocese of Lincoln Diocese of Little Rock Diocese of Manchester Diocese of Metuchen Diocese of Nashville Diocese of Oakland Diocese of Ogdensburg Diocese of Paterson Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee Diocese of Pittsburg Diocese of Portland Diocese of Providence Diocese of Raleigh Diocese of Salina Diocese of San Angelo Diocese of San Jose Diocese of Sioux Falls Diocese of Springfield Diocese of St Augustine Diocese of St Petersburg Diocese of Tulsa Diocese of Tyler Diocese of Victoria Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Diocese of Wichita Diocese of Winona Diocese of Yakima

[All diocese shields/logos are the copyright of the individual dioceses]

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